My work focuses on the transformation an image undergoes as it passes through the analogue-to-digital interface. I retrieve images of historical paintings as well as elements of kitsch culture from the internet, and then return them to the physical world, as palimpsests anew on canvas, captured, composed and contained within the paint.


The polymorphous nature of the digital image grants it swift passage into a material form. As I configure an image in paint, I liberate it of all pre-existing connotations; taking it beyond a representation and claiming its autonomy as a physical object. I only partially download images, and this is to expose the dismemberment that they must endure during their extraction. These momentary fractures were never intended to be seen by an audience yet I broadcast them in paint to narrate the transition the image has taken on, thus affirming its physical state.


I bring the imagery captured during a digital interruption into the context of analogue production to mediate the two, asserting painting’s place in the world of digital technology and suggesting the exciting dawn of a new era of image production.